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An unplanned pregnancy can be pretty scary. Figuring out what to do isn't easy. Wouldn't it be nice to talk to someone who will listen to you? Our staff and volunteers offer comprehensive non-judgmental counseling to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We Care.


I'm not ready for this!

If parenting is not for you, at least not now, adoption represents an alternative to abortion that you can feel good about. A birth mom is a woman of courage and a hero to the two million couples who wait to adopt. To her child, she is the loving mommy who gave him life and a future. Placing a child for adoption is an opportunity for grace of the greatest kind.


Please stop into our office and receive information on adoption options for you and your baby.


There are different types of adoptions now available

  • Open Adoption
  • Traditional Adoption

We can offer assistance and guidance



I want to keep my baby!

We offer many services to help you learn how to parent your child.

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