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Earn While You Learn
The more you learn, the more you earn
Want to be a GREAT parent and EARN the items you need for your baby while you are learning?
The Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program allows you to educate yourself on parenting your child while earning Mommy Money that can be used to purchase all of the new items you will need for your baby.  The more you learn, the more you earn!
Earn While You Learn is done in individual classes.  This offers you the flexibility to schedule your appointment when it works for you.  Call and schedule your appointment today, start earning lots of Mommy Money in a short period of time to recieve the items your baby needs!

Shop Items

Once you earn Mommy Money, just visit Bay Area Pregnancy's layette room where you can "buy" any of the following NEW items:


Baby Clothes

Booties and Hats

Receiving Blankets

Bib and burp cloths

Wash cloths and towels

Baby Shampoo, soap, lotion

Infant formula

Baby bottles


Crib and Mattress


Disposable Diapers

Baby Wipes

Diaper Bags

Baby nail clippers

Nasal Aspirators


Nursery Decor

Baby toys and books

Safety latches

Outlet covers

Car seats

High chairs

Miscellaneous baby items


Items are Mommy Money priced individually, prices vary. 

Sizes are 0-12 months


Sample List of Lesson Topics

Pregnancy the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester

Prenatal Care

Eating for Two

Going it Alone

Your Developing Baby

What's Safe, What Isn't

Bonding with your Unborn Baby

Infant Massage

Crying, Colic and Sleeping

Newborn Care

Safe from the Start

Learning to Talk

Quality Child Care

Discipline--Teaching Limits with Love

Food for Growth--Feeding your Baby

Talk, Play, Music and Reading

Postpartum from Pregnant to Parent

Happiest Baby on the Block

Money Management 101

Basics of Budgeting

Apartment Renting 101

Housecleaning 101

Time Mangement for the Parent

Shopping for a Car

1-2-3 Magic

Leaving a Godly Legacy

Overcoming Major Destoyer of Families

Protecting the Spirit

New Testament Bible Studies

Getting Started


It's easy to get started on your Earn While You Learn plan.  Individual lessons on a number of topics are available at Bay Area Pregnancy Services during our normal business hours, Monday through Thursday.  Please call 715-732-4305 for our times.  These lessons are fun, interesting and practical.


Each lesson will be 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.  We then go through a worksheet and discuss what you have viewed.  You will earn 3 Mommy Dollars for this.  You can earn 2 extra Mommy Dollars by bringing your homework from your recently viewed lessons back at your next.  An easy 5 Mommy Dollars earned each lesson. 


If you lose your Mommy Money, Bay Area Pregnancy Services can't replace keep up with it--keep track of it--carefully!