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We offer free pregnancy tests and pregnancy verification forms honored at the Department of Human Services. 
It's very important to have a high-quality pregnancy test for the most accurate results. Our tests can show positive results as early as ten days after conception. However, for the most accurate results we recommend that you come in for a test after you've missed your menstrual period by at least two or three days.
Our trained peer couselors are here to help you.  Please stop in durring office hours and receive your free pregnancy test.
Once you find out you're pregnant, you probably want to know how far along you are. This pregnancy may taken you by surprise so you may have no idea. The most accurate way to find out is having an ultrasound.

If you're considering an abortion, you need to know how far along you are because there are different procedures depending upon the stage of pregnancy. Also, you want to make sure that you have a viable, uterine pregnancy. If your pregnancy isn't viable, it means you will probably end up having a miscarriage soon, and there is no point in going through with a surgical or chemical abortion, especially considering the cost and risks involved. If you don't have a uterine pregnancy, you could have an "ectopic" pregnancy (in the fallopian tube) which would need to be surgically removed (an abortion isn't going to remove it).